This is a software development shop that creates quality internet artifacts. These typically take the form of websites and apps.

We get excited about building products that help our clients solve novel business problems, project a beautiful digital presence, build relationships with customers or test and hone new ideas.

Our Approach

  • Test-Driven Development
  • Agile and value-first methodologies
  • A decade of experience bending technology to human will
  • User-centric designs
  • Modern and clean visuals
  • SEO and Social always in mind
  • Build The Right Thing guarantee
  • Focus on small, low-risk build iterations designed to incrementally arrive at your ideal final product

Recent Work

Web and mobile app empowering renters in NYC and beyond

  • Providing an entirely novel and in-demand service for renters
  • Custom Ruby on Rails app
  • Payment processing with Stripe
  • Integration with physical mailing and check-writing APIs

iOS app for the world's largest personal injury firm

  • We built the API and worked in partnership with talented iOS developers and designers to build out the UI
  • Utilizes iOS push notifications for FDA drug recall events
  • Passes all of Apple's code requirements for release on the App Store
  • Custom integrations with client's Wordpress site for pulling in news and other content

Empatico.org Wordpress blog

Blog for an education startup, built with Wordpress

  • Mobile-first development
  • Custom Wordpress theme based on client's designs and business needs
  • Integration with Twitter account and Mailchimp mailing list
  • Social sharing with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin
  • Set up Wordpress hosting and deployment workflow

Twitter integration

Article view

Photoshoot Casting web app

Client-facing view

Casting Director's admin interface

Robust project management and client-presentation tool for casting directors

  • Intuitive admin interface with edit-in-place text, drag-and-drop ordering and easy CDN image uploads
  • Customizable client-facing templates
  • Eases casting director's workflow, provides creative control and personalized branding
  • Currently in private use. Soon to be opened up for a wider customer base


Founder / Lead Developer

Before founding exnilio, Vinney worked at a number of digital agencies and web development shops in New York City. He has a strong passion for clean, maintainable, well-tested code that is narrowly focused on solving core problems for the client's business. As benevolent as that goal sounds, some previous employers' business practices often got in the way.
Thus: exnilio was born.



We work with principled and talented developers in New York, California and throughout the US with specialties across the tech stack. Our devs stay on the cutting edge of frameworks and best-practices.


We partner with industry-leading designers and UX experts to test and arrive at the user experience your customers need and visual designs to propel your brand into the future.

Product and Business

If a project needs it, we'll loop in trusted product and project managers and even business consultants. We can scale our teams to problems of any size.

Talk to us!

We'd be delighted to hear from you whether you'd just like to ask some questions or know exactly what you'd like and are ready to get started.


No Surprises /
Build The Right Thing

We think there is a fear among software clients that they're going to sign an arcane contract, pay a bunch of money, have their developer vanish for a month and then get some weird thing nobody wanted delivered at the end.

No, Thanks.

We determine your needs early, stay flexible and in close communication throughout the project (and beyond) and constantly course-correct based on your feedback to make sure that the end result is a product you want and your business needs - even if you change your mind along the way. In fact, we hope you change your mind along the way! That means we're finding the most successful path towards the right goal.